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    Specially4Cats Team

    The idea behind Specially4Cats grew out of a passion for our own two special kitties Ted and Dilly (more about them below) and a desire to provide other cat owners and lovers, with a place to be able to buy exciting, high quality and affordable products.

    A lot of our suppliers are small independent manufacturers from around the world and many hand make the products we sell, which makes them very special. Some are only available from us in the UK and we even make a few of our products ourselves. We are always looking for new suppliers and products to excite and interest our customers and their furry friends and regularly add new things to our store.

    As well as our shop, we also have a range of other useful resources such as hints and tips on caring for your kitty and a video gallery where you can see some of the funniest cat videos around.

    There are four of us in the team, Karen, Jon, Ted and Dilly so it’s a real family affair. Partners Karen and Jon have been cat owners for over 20 years’ and we manage the business.

    Karen’s role is to find the products we sell and she takes a great deal of care in making sure that they are safe and as environmentally friendly as possible. She also looks after our social media and makes sure that Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and our blog keep our customers informed about the latest news, products and special offers.

    Jon is the ‘ideas’ man and is responsible for the technical side of things like making sure our website works efficiently. He also produces our videos and spends many hours in our editing suite. 


    All about Ted

    Our chief product tester, is a rather large and beautiful, red (which means ginger!), Selkirk Rex. His most outstanding feature is his curly hair and whiskers and when we first got him as a kitten, he had a rather fetching ‘quiff’ that reminded us of a 1950’s teddy boy, which immediately earned him his name - Ted!


    All about Dilly

    Dilly also assists in product testing, as well as keeping a close eye on proceedings from the comfort of a soft bed on Karen’s desk. Short for Daffodil, ‘Dilly’ is a blue/cream British Shorthair and came to us from a lovely lady in Cardiff, so it seemed fitting for us to name her after the Welsh national flower. Although she has a lovely laid back nature, she does have a tendency to be a little batty every now and again.

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