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  • Purr Points Reward Scheme

    What is the ‘Purr Points’ Reward Scheme?

    The ‘Purr Points’ reward scheme is our way of thanking and rewarding our lovely customers. Purr Points are earned every time you shop with us and can be redeemed as cash on future purchases for instant savings! Purr Points can also be earned by reviewing a product on our website, signing up to our regular newsletter and every time you refer a friend to Specially4Cats.

    How do I earn Purr Points?

    You can earn Purr Points in the following ways:

    • Shop and earn 2 Purr Points for every £1 you spend on any of the products we sell.
    • Review a product and earn 10 Purr Points.
    • Sign up to our regular newsletter and earn 10 Purr Points.
    • Refer a friend to Specially4Cats and earn 1 Purr Point for every £1 they spend.

    How much are Purr Points worth?

    A Purr Point is the equivalent of 1 penny in GBP – so if you earn 500 points you can get £5 worth of products free next time you purchase.

    You can collect and exchange Purr Points on any of the products we sell.

    How do I qualify to use Purr Points Rewards?

    You need a Specially4Cats membership account (it’s free) – you can register quickly and easily on the Specially4Cats website. You can sign up here.

    Once you’ve set up your account, all your points will be added automatically. You must be logged in to your account when you shop in order to earn or redeem Purr Points and check your points balance.

    We’re committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and never pass on any of your personal details to any third parties as stated in our Privacy Policy.

    How can Purr Points be exchanged?

    Cashing in your Purr Points is really straightforward. If the item you are purchasing is worth more than the amount of points you have in your account, you can choose to cash in your Purr Points (no matter how many you have) and only pay the difference. So if the product you’re purchasing is £12 and you cash in £5 worth of points, you only pay the balance of £7 at checkout.

    You can exchange the Purr Points you earn on any of the products we sell and there is no minimum spend required to redeem your points.

    If you need any further information contact one of our team who’ll be happy to help - email or call 01282 902355.

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